World Championships Update Regarding COVID-19

Paul Grobler, June 2, 2020

World Championships Update Regarding COVID-19

Due to the current world-wide COVID-19 pandemic the United Paintball Federation (UPBF) had to make some critical decisions relating to the planned UPBF World Championship for 2020.

Monitoring current trends globally and taking into consideration feedback from various countries through their respective federations, the UPBF have decided to proceed with the confederation events taking place in 2020 and the official UPBF World Championship taking place in 2021.

The occurrences of such unnatural events could not be predicted, however its impact on our industry can be lessened through the use of one, or more courses of action to continue offering our members with the best possible solutions to manage the pandemic. The proposed course of action for the year is therefore to continue with these events to ensure the least severe impact on the sport and the federations. Confederations that will host confederation events this year will announce their respective venues and dates accordingly.

The European Paintball Federation (EPBF) has already indicated that they will proceed with the European Championship 2020 that will take place in Gandia, Spain from 8-10 October 2020 for countries that fall under the European Confederation.

Information regarding the events will be available on the UPBF website as well as the continental websites as soon as they become available.

We encourage all our members to obey the requirements as prescribed by their respective countries. It is in all of our best interests to look after ourselves, our families and our communities. Please continue to where possible stay at home, to practice safe hygiene habits and social distancing and to support those severely affected by this pandemic.

Wishing all our federations and players the best during this time.

For the official pdf, click here.