UPBF Paintball World Championship 2022

Paul Grobler, May 31, 2022

UPBF Paintball World Championship 2022

Can you believe another year is almost mid-way with the UPBF Paintball World Championship 2022 just over 3 months away taking place again in conjunction with the NXL Europe event from 15-18 September in Dreux, France. With so little time left, we would like to invite countries to register their national teams that will be competing this year as quickly as possible to assist us in planning for the upcoming UPBF Paintball World Championship. We would like to have most of our national teams registered by latest 25 August 2022, allowing us at least 3 weeks for final arrangements and to work out the schedules for the World Championship categories. Please let the below information carefully for critical information about membership and registration.


  1. Please register your national team(s) on PBLeagues - https://pbleagues.com/event/7675 with your Country name as the team name (ex: France) in the respective UPBF category(ies) you will be competing. If you are competing in multiple categories, please add the category name after the country name (example: USA Mens, Germany Womens, Russia Veterans, Great Britain U19, Sweden U16 etc).
  2. Once registered on PBLeagues, please update your team roster as per the category requirements. The national criteria document can be found on the UPBF.net website.
  3. We will be sending out the invoices to the national associations / federations / organizations once we pick up their registration on PBLeagues. If a country did not renew their 2022 membership yet, you will be invoiced for your 2022 membership at the same time.
  4. Please NOTE - countries that does not renew and pay their membership during 2022 will be removed as members of the UPBF and will have to start the new member registration process all over again. The membership process have also been adjusted due to the UPBF being in the process to registering with GAISF. Only active and paid up members will be allowed to compete in the UPBF Paintball World Championship 2022 onwards.
  5. The UPBF will create roster announcements which we will post on social media for teams that have completed their rosters via PBLeagues. Please contact us once your roster is up to date that we can use the information that is available online to create these posts. Please try and do this as timeously as possible to allow our graphic designer enough time to get these created. You are also more than welcome to post your own roster to social media and tag the UPBF in it. Help us to create an excitement for paintball around the world again as we get ready to battle it out between countries. If specific people for your country will be responsible for a specific national team which I need to deal with, please communicate this with me timeously to make sure updated information is provided to all the relevant contacts.
  6. Player registration/check-in will take place from Wednesday afternoon 14 September 2022 at the NXL Europe event venue in Dreux, France. We kindly invite your team to check-in on the Wednesday as games will kick off from early morning on Thursday 15 September for most of the categories.
  7. Prelim games will be played on various fields on Thursday 15 September as per the schedule that will be released with the play-offs taking place on Friday 16 September 2022 for Mens, Veterans, Womens 5-player and U19.
  8. Please note that the Womens 3-player and U16 3-player prelims and play-offs will take place only on Sunday 18 September 2022.
  9. The prize giving for all categories will take place on Sunday 18 Septemberafter all games have concluded.

VENUE Ace Paintball, Bois de la Ronde, 28100 Dreux, France Google Maps Link to venue

ACCOMMODATION Hotel Information and special rate codes can be found on the NXL Europe website - https://www.nxlpaintball.com/euchamps-hotels

For the latest information about travelling to France, please click here

We are looking forward to seeing you at the UPBF Paintball World Championship 2022 and wishing you all the best until we meet up again.

Should you require any additional information or assistance, please feel free to contact me.