2019 UPBF Paintball World Championship Medal Review

Paul Grobler, 6 July 2020


Congratulations to all the countries that competed during 2019 UPBF Paintball World Championships.

2019 saw for the first time the majority of categories taking place at a single event with Veteran's, Womens, U19 and U16 taking place in the Netherlands. The Mens category took place earlier in 2019 in Prague, Czech Republic.

Country ranking is based first on the highest number of Gold medals, then silver medals and then bronze medals.

Well done to Russia with their 2 Gold medals as well as to the United States of America for claimed the most podium positions over all the categories.

Veterans Category 2019

  • 1st Ukraine

  • 2nd France

  • 3rd United States

  • 4th Germany

Mens Category 2019

  • 1st Russia

  • 2nd United States

  • 3rd France

  • 4th Norway

Womens 5 player Category 2019

  • 1st Russia

  • 2nd Germany

  • 3rd United State

  • 4th France

Womens 3 player Category 2019

  • 1st United States

  • 2nd Great Britain

  • 3rd South Africa

  • 4th Norway

U19 Category 2019

  • 1st Norway

  • 2nd United States

  • 3rd Great Britain

  • 4th Russia

U16 Category 2019

  • 1st Sweden

  • 2nd France

  • 3rd South Africa

  • 4th Poland

2019 UPBF Medal Table